NUPTK at Indonesia

In providing services as a mother kos to others we must be able to provide the best service to our clients feel at ease and nyamana to live in boarding houses. This was based on bitter experience what I experienced. Last night when I was about to return home to the boarding house had the lights turned off and the gates are locked. There are several services boarding house owner who is still lacking, such as:

  1. They only provide tables and beds with cotton mattress. It is not convenient, considering I pay per month is quite expensive.
  2. I pay untukSesuai with Permendiknas Number 8 Year 2005 regarding Organization and Working Procedure PMPTK DG, article 8 states the Directorate General of Quality Improvement and Education Workforce Educators have a duty to formulate and implement policies and technical standardization in the field of quality improvement of educators and educational staff, early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, and non-formal education. In particular, the presence of Law. 14 Year 2005 regarding the positioning of Teachers and Lecturers DG PMPTK at strategic positions in improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

As implications of the mandate of the Law No. 14 years old in 2005, the Directorate General deems it necessary to prepare data PMPTK PTK true, accurate, and current as materials that can be used for basic analysis and data sources of various programs in quality improvement activities of PTK.

In an effort to support the TOD data availability that is true, accurate, and current, DG PMPTK has developed a Data Collection Instrument Format NUPTK PTK 2007 to obtain detailed information and historical.

DG PMPTK also provide Unique Number Educators and Education Workforce (NUPTK) consisting of 16 numeric digits and is unique to the PTK that has a good and complete information. Number delivery system is also equipped with an effective search process PTK double (double-counting) due to teach at several schools or work in some educational institutions to produce the information tabulating the number of TOD in real terms.

BASIC LAW FOR TOD MALANDASI the course of the data collection NUPTK FORMED

  1. Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945: Opening of the fourth paragraph, and in Chapter XII Education, Article 31, paragraph (a) and (2)
  2. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 Year 2003 on National Education System Chapter XI of Educators and Education Workforce, article 30 to article 44
  3. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 32 Year 2004 About Pemerinta Region
  4. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 33 Year 2004 on Financial Balance between the Central Government of Government Region
  5. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 Year 2005 About Teachers and Lecturers
  6. Indonesian Government Regulation No. 19 of 2005 on National Education Standards
  7. Regulation of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 7 of 2005 on the Medium-Term Program Plan for the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia
  8. Regulation of the Minister of National Education Republic of Indonesia Number 8 of 2005 regarding Position, Duty, Function, Organizational Structure and Administration of the Directorate General of Quality Improvement and Education Workforce Pendidk


  1. Teacher Qualification Improvement Program;
  2. Teacher Professional Certification Program;
  3. Program PTK-PNF quality development;
  4. Teacher Benefits Program (functional, professional, special and additional maslahat);
  5. Awards program and the protection of PTK;
  6. Program requirements planning, balance, placement and career development PTK;
  7. Continuous improvement program teacher professionalism;
  8. Education Workforce development programs;
  9. PMPTK strengthening program performance;
  10. per month, worth Rp. 100 000, -. And always pay on time on December 1. I rarely pay late.

c. For lighting in my room is provided only 5 watts incandescent lamp, if this is feasible if a teacher who stay are given only light was that small?
And finally I pondered all this, and that terbesit in my mind is patience and hopefully they were given guidance by God. Amen.


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